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Firm Overview

The Ball Law Group, led by its principal Zach Ball, provides the Las Vegas valley and the State of Nevada with aggressive, pragmatic and sophisticated legal advice tailored to the needs of each individual client. The Ball Law Group has a significant and proud history of handling civil litigations, real estate disputes and complicated business and real estate transactions. Since 2003, Mr. Ball has represented some of Nevada's largest companies as well as small businesses and individuals. The firm's expertise lies in a track record of more than 15 years handling complex and sophisticated legal issues for its clients.

The Ball Law Group specializes in determining, addressing and meeting the individual needs of all its clients. Mr. Ball meets each new client and new matter with an eye towards assessing the key legal issues, the potentials risks for the client and the opportunity to obtain successful resolution of the matter. Mr. Ball's individualized approach has allowed him to find creative resolutions for clients without the need for litigation. Where those resolutions are unavailable, the Ball Law Group works with its clients to build and execute litigation strategies for pursuing or defending against a wide variety of civil claims.

Mr. Ball's experience includes extensive work related to real estate title cases, claims related to title insurance and disputes concerning ownership, rights and boundaries in real estate matters. Mr. Ball also has experience in landlord-tenant disputes and commercial disputes between businesses and individuals. Mr. Ball has successfully represented clients at all levels and all stages of litigation in Nevada Courts and in the District of Nevada Federal Courts. The Ball Law Group handles client matters from pre-trial investigation through discovery and through trial and appeal if necessary. Along the way, the Ball Law Group continually looks to seize upon opportunities to resolve claims in ways that save its clients time, expense while at the same time eliminating potential risk.

In addition to its extensive experience and knowledge related to litigation, the Ball Law Group also provides its clients with a wide range of contract and transactional representation. Clients in need of business contracts, real estate documents and assistance with closing transactions will find attorneys at the Ball Law Group ready to address the complex nature of this work in an efficient and effective manner. Mr. Ball, in particular, has provided advice and assistance to dozens of commercial, real estate and induvial clients in need of contract drafting, review and negotiations.

The Ball Law Group has spent years working with businesses and individuals to address their real estate and business needs and over that time has developed a reputation for ethical and aggressive representation of its clients. The firm looks forward to bringing its experience and reputation to bear for new clients and new issues as the legal and business landscape of Las Vegas and Nevada continue to grow and change.