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Quiet Title Actions Attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada

If you are purchasing or receiving a piece of property, one of the issues that you may encounter is a clouded title. A clouded title typically occurs when there are unresolved issues with the property that affect ownership, and it could mean that other individuals have valid claims to interest in the property. This can complicate your transaction and make it difficult for you to move forward in the real estate process. Don’t attempt to overcome this challenge alone.

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Understanding Quiet Title Actions

If you are concerned that another party may try to make a claim or objection to the title on a piece of property that you are purchasing or receiving, consider bringing a quiet title action.

Quiet title actions are lawsuits that are filed with the intention of settling the title to a piece of property. The terms of these lawsuits offer clarity on who owns the property at hand and provide protection against other parties that may try to obtain ownership. If you decide to file a quiet title action, you are making the statement that you have a superior claim to the property in question. Our attorney is prepared to stand by your side as you file your claim and fight for your rights.

Filing an Action of Quiet Title?

What Can a Quiet Title Action Be Used For?

There are a variety of situations in which a quiet title lawsuit may be the appropriate course of action. If a property owner passed away and there are questions of ownership, a mortgage lender was not properly dealt with, a property has been unoccupied and the title needs to be cleared, or other outside circumstances led to confusion regarding claims of ownership, a quiet title action may help all parties involved reach a resolution.

What Is the Result of a Quiet Title Action?

If a quiet title action is settled in your favor, you will gain possession of the property in perpetuity, as will your heirs. You will also be protected from any other claims to ownership brought by outside individuals or entities. Put yourself in the best position possible to seek success by working with a qualified legal professional. Turn to our firm, Ball Law Group, to get started today.

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If you are considering bringing a quiet title action, or you’re dealing with a clouded title and you’re unsure of how to proceed, let our attorney serve as your dedicated partner through the legal process. With nearly two decades of experience handling real estate litigation cases, including those involving adverse possession, Attorney Zach T. Ball is the advocate you want on your side.

We are driven by our desire to help you overcome the obstacles that stand between you and your ability to secure ownership of property that is rightfully yours. When challenges arise throughout your transaction, we will strive to provide skilled guidance and fierce representation. You can trust that we will aim to protect your best interests from start to finish.

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Quiet Title Actions Attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada

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